SUBDRIFT signed to Dubtrack Music

I’m glad to announce, that the danish act SUBDRIFT [Christian Bergqvist Palle] yesterday was signed to Dubtrack Music. The coming SUBDRIFT debut-album CANNIBAL MIRRORS will be released in the beginning of june 2016:) Welcome to the Dubtrack Family:)  ... læs mere

Dubtrack Music Portugal

It is now official, that Dubtrack Media & Music are expanding in Portugal!! This week I desided to open an Portuguese sub-division of my label: Dubtrack Music The department is located i Guimaraes (northeast of Porto, Pt) and will be named Dubtrack Music Portugal... læs mere

New Dubtrack logo design

in the establishment of Dubtrack Music Portugal and “Soull Kool’s” show in Guimarães, where Dubtrack Media & Music was a sponsor of the team’s sweatshirts – we decided that it was time for an update of our graphic identity. We love... læs mere

New Performances in March 2016

Just finished the revival of the show  “The king and the watering can” (Kongen og Vandkanden) at Noerregaards Theatre, Odense DK. With Bo Larsen and Nanna Schaumburg-Müller.         And the performance “The Laramie Project”... læs mere

20 Years of Nattefrost

These days Nattefrost releases his 20 years anniversary album: “20 Years of Nattefrost” on Sireena Records. The album is; 20 Nattefrost tracks interpreted by 20 european artists and bands. Purchase the album... læs mere


Dubtrack Media & Music is an Independent music label and media company owned by danish composer, producer, soundartist and visual designer Ole Højer Hansen. DMM was started in 2007 by OHH. I founded my music career back in 1981; as soloartist and composer for theatre, ballet and films. Around 2000 new politcal waves on the culturel scene in denmark, made it difficult to make a proper living as an freelance artist. The record-companies were only in it for the money and had no spirit left for the experimental music-scene. It was very difficult to release anything in DK which wasn’t pop. Therefore I desided to establish my own production company. To take control of the whole process. DMM was never supposed to grow out of my hands, but to stay steady, reliable and personal. And that is exactly what it still is. Since the start of DMM, I’ve done a lot of projects on the international and national scene visual-and musicwise: Released soloalbums, albums with other artists, soundtracks, VJ-projcets, visual art, animations, video, apps, album artwork and several theatre performances. I never missed a deadline, allthough I am involved in every part of the project. I’m dedicated in every project. Not wealthy but present. I am free. …and that is exactly what art needs. Freedom in mind! Ole Højer Hansen

My story with electronic music started around 1978 where i did some scores for experimental short movies and modern dance performances with my Arp 2600 and Korg Ms 20 recorded on an analog Fostex 4 track. Later upgraded to a Tascam 38 [8 tracks on 1/2″ tape].

My first soloalbum “Transmission” was released – on vinyl – in 1985.
And now – 16 albums and 150 productions (film, theatre, modern dance etc. ) later – my musiclife is still in process:)
transmission cover

Dubtrack Artists & Releases


Haunted House Attractions

Haunted House Attractions

Electric Enemy album Haunted House Attractions [Electric Enemy live in Copenhagen] Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music AppleMusic [click here]
Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy

Electric Enemy album Zero Point Energy Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music AppleMusic [click here]

Rue de la République

2.nd Electric Enemy album Rue de la République Released 2011 on Dubtrack Music AppleMusic [click here]
Close to You

Close to You

Close To You was first album from Electric Enemy Released 2010 on Dubtrack Music Applemusic [click here]




Ole Højer Hansen debut album Transmission was released 1985 on SAM-records (SAM 09), Denmark. The album will be re-released in a remastered version on Dubtrack Music in 2016


Nudity is second solo-album from Ole Højer Hansen Released 1988 by Ultima Thule, UK Nudity will be re-released in a re-mastered version 2016 on Dubtrack Music
The Dome

The Dome

3’rd solo-album from Ole Højer Hansen released in 1990 by Olga Music Re-released 2011 on Dubtrack Music AppleMusic [click here]
The Alchemist | Soundtrack

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a double-album soundtrack, composed for the performance “The Alchemist”. Directed by Malte Claudio Lind, Denmark 2011 Released 2011 on Dubtrack Music Applemusic CD 1 [click here]   |    Applemusic CD 2  [click here]





Silver & Steel debut-album TLUB released on Dubtrack Music in 2014 Applemusic [click here]
A Song of Noise and Repetition

A Song of Noise and Repetition

Acid Loving Extremophiles debut-album A Song of Noise and Repetition Ambient noise and energy Released on Dubtrack Music in 2014 Applemusic [click here]


Music for Organ & Bombarde

Orgabard - Music for Bombarde and Organ

SVEN-INGVART MIKKELSEN & JENS RØMER Music for Organ & Bombarde [Recorded live at Frederiksberg Slotskirke, DK – 2011] live recording by Kristian Rømer released on Dubtrack Music in 2012

Applemusic [click here]


New media- and graphic design has always been an important way of expression for me. I’ve been doing many different kind of artworks – parallel to my music-career: ex.: album covers, animations, live-visuals, photography, posters, commercials and video-editing. I have designed websites for artist’s & projects through many years. I’ve done workshops in visual-design, music production  and video-editing since 2001 all over Europe. I’m skilled in platforms like: Final Cut Pro X, Resolume Arena, Isadora, Adobe; Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & After effects, Affinity Photo & Designer, Animee Studio, Motion, Ableton Live, Cubase Pro, Logic Pro X, Wavelab, Izotope RX 5, Izotope Ozone 7, Maschine 2, Traktor and many more:) If you have any questions – or are in need for a workshop or a session in any of the mentioned software – please contact me!



ElectricMonday on Soundcloud

Listen to ElectricMonday on Soundcloud.

Electribute on Soundcloud

Listen to Electribute on Soundcloud. In case of special requests please send me a message either here or on facebook


Will be updated frequently:)

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Sing Valentina, Sing

af Pako Soull Kool / Ole Højer Hansen | Coming Pako Soull Kool album

“And, in the end The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Paul McCartney

ElectricMonday  |  Album out soon!!

When lies becomes reality

af ElectricMonday | Coming ElectricMonday album

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“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” ― Frank Zappa

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