Fields of Noise #3 by Ole Højer Hansen

The third album in the “Fields of Noise” series from danish composer Ole Højer Hansen,
will be out worldwide on all streaming-services 14.06.2017

The idea of “Fields of Noise” is to create an ambient, musical space, inspired by sounds, noise  and glitches in our surroundings.
The music is created as a composed interaction between field-recordings, conventional instruments, voices and synthesizers – manipulated through analog and digital effect-chains.
The cover-art for the Fields of Noise albums – are all created as a part of the composition, using “real-world” noisy photos and light, generated through several random processes and techniques.

Listen to “Fields of Noise #1” :

Listen to “Fields of Noise #2”:

Although Ole Højer Hansen has released more than 20 albums during the years [with Trusted Enemy, Electric Enemy, Electribute, RO & a number of soundtracks], this will be the first solo-album, in his own name, since 1992 [The Dome].

Despite Ole Højer Hansen is wellknown for the use of real sounds and field-recordings in former albums [Transmission (1985), Nudity (1989) & The Dome [1992) – modern techniques and equipment, makes it possible to explore new territories in sound manipulation.