keep up the good spirit

These days people, all over the planet are isolated in theIr homes, or wherever they are.

We didn’t ask for this situation – or did we?

If you are a little superstitious, you could claim, that this is the planet’s way of calling humanity up!!?? I really don’t know? But what I know is, that it is time for change!

When we can gather people, in a matter where our health is concerned. Maybe we could also gather the same people and leaders – in a joint effort to save the health of our planet. Be serious about doing something about the climate changes!
The same planet that is the basic of our existence.
I think we shit in our own nest, by doing nothing !!

The last 3 weeks I’ve been isolated in my country-studio [not the worst place to be:)] I’ve been working on the score for the theatre-play I·D·A

Maybe its a waste of time to compose for a performance we don’t really know if we’re going to play – because of the situation.

Either way, I mean it’s never a waste of time to spend time well!!
Thoughts are born and multiplied – in a creative head.

So remember, dear fellow citizens of the world: Keep on your good flow, stay safe and remember love!!❤️

Ole Højer Hansen

Pictures from my concert at Krudttønden, Copenhagen february 2020

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