Everybody from the Dubtrack Team, wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy NewYear!!!!
We are back in business 02.01.2018, with some great musical news for you.

What we already know is; that a new RO-album will be released in february 2018:

RO In The Magic Garden” is a live-recording with the duo, we made a couple of years ago in Axis Mundi Studio, in the Magic Garden.
Actually we thought the recordings were lost, but they magically showed up this fall:)
Axis Mundi Studio is located north of Copenhagen – and is the first CO2 neutral studio in Denmark.
The album is engineered & Mastered by Morten Hart Grabowski.

“CITYLIGHTS” is a new electronic album from Ole Højer Hansen. Release around April 2018.

…more to come!!!

Take care and spread the love:)

Best wishes

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