NOX Tracklist

1 Grainy Day Opening
2 Short Wave Drive
3 Nox
4 Liquid Air
5 IceCold Stream
6 Invisible Angels
7 Kind of Science
8 Collected Items
9 Mellow Moon
10 Grainy Day Closing

NOX out April 1st

My brand new album NOX is out on the streaming services on April 1st this year. And it’s not a joke 🙂
It’s one of the most elaborate albums I’ve ever made.
Due to the Corona and a lot of canceled jobs, I suddenly got a lot of time to spare. So I threw myself concentrated on the work with NOX, which is the successor to LUX – which was released in 2020.
At NOX I examine the darkness! I do not think about the horror of darkness! But the darkness within us, which is a consequence of the light.
I hope you like what you hear 🙂
Thanks for following !!

Pre-save NOX here

Video Teaser: Kind of Science

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