The TeamTheatre writes about the story:

“The girl from far away is about a little girl who one day knocks at “the gray”.
The girl gets shut in – but only the need for it, for “the gray” likes to be alone. The girl falls asleep on the floor – and “the gray” begins to wonder why nobody fits the girl …
“The gray” lifts the sleeping girl in her bed and next morning she is served breakfast. When she has finished eating, the girl travels. The gray one likes to be alone …
But “the gray” can not let go of the girl. All the time, something resembles the girl who is now gone. Her hair band is on the floor, the smell of warm milk in the kitchen reminds of the girl.
So, even if “the gray” likes to be the best, it’s suddenly no relief to be self. The gray, therefore, decides to go out into the woods to look for the girl found under a tree … The two find together in an attempt to find home – The girl from far away has many references to the classic fairy tale about the girl with the sulfur sticks. Except that in this story there is actually an adult who takes responsibility for the child.”

Director: Hans Nørregaard

Actors: Olivia Franciska Fevel Borgels and Stig Reggelsen Skjold
Scenographer: Simone Bartholin (3rd year student at The Danish Performing Arts School)
Scenographic consultant: Claus Helbo
Dollmaker: Katrine Karlsen
Composer: Ole Højer Hansen
Syerske: Leila Steenberg
Light designer: Søren Lydersen and Jens Hansen
Technicians: Thomas Ravnsgård, Morten Birk, Dan Brantlov, Daniel Dynes Dinesen
Translator: Dorthe S. Bébe & Hans Nørregaard
Photo: Morten Fog, Studio 1-2
Publisher: Colombine Theater Publishing
Book publishing: Annika Thor
Playwright: Emma Broström

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